Miss June

In 2001, Nathalie and Shay decided to create their own brand while Nathalie was pregnant with their daughter. She is due to be born in June, and the brand will be called Miss June.
In the early days, the brand offered its customers bohemian accessories. A meeting between two women with a passion for fashion and color changed everything. Their love affair led to the obvious decision to work together.
Anne becomes Miss June's stylist, opening up the brand to the world of ready-to-wear.
A trip to India, with its explosions of color and sublime embroidery, completed the perfect equation. It's here and nowhere else that Miss June will set up her workshops.

While all creative moodboards and prints are created in Paris, it's in India that the collection comes to life.
The choice of materials, colors, embroidery and accessories is made on the spot, in close contact with these artisans with whom real ties have been forged over the years.

All embroidery and finishing is done by hand by fairy-fingered women, making each piece in the collection unique and authentic. It's in imperfection that Miss June collections come to life, and it's through this singularity that the garment tells its own story. Different techniques are used throughout the seasons, such as cross-stitch embroidery, batiks, bandhani, block prints or tie and dye.
We believe that art and creativity are essential to our well-being and human growth. We seek out traditional crafts and techniques to support our artisans.

"Where there's sea, there's Miss June" Specializing in beach wear for 20 years, the brand is present in numerous multi-brand boutiques around the world. With a resolutely bohemian DNA, it imposes its singularity and makes a real difference to a demanding clientele. Miss June customers are free-spirited, daring women. She has a bohemian soul and likes to be noticed for her naturalness, but also for her elegance.

A true signature of the brand, each collection shoot is a new journey. Inspired by her various explorations, Nathalie selects dream destinations bursting with sunshine. Australia first, where she decided to organize the first shoot. It was an immediate success, propelling the brand forward. Bali, Tulum, Palm Springs, Marrakech, Ibiza, Formentera, Majorca... De Miss June's collections travel the world. Everything starts in a place conducive to dreams, relaxation and escape. Nathalie takes great care with each shoot, selecting locations that are unlike any other. It takes the team several months of preparation to think through every detail of the atmosphere and décor. Like faithful muses, Nathalie surrounds herself with a wonderful team of professionals: models, photographer, videographer, beauty artists...