Deeluxe is a family business created in 2004 by two brothers from Marseille, Jean-Michel and Laurent Sanchez.

The creation of Deeluxe is not a coincidence since the two brothers have grown up in the world of textiles since the 90s.

They started as independent multi-brand retailers and quickly decided to create their own clothing brand: Deeluxe.

The traveling spirit - the two brothers draw inspiration from their travels around the world.

From the United States to Asia and Europe, Deeluxe has created its own identity, based primarily on "trendy" denim.

In addition to the jeans range, we have developed large thematic collections based on urban and contemporary fashion such as "chic fashion" and urban culture.

It is as part of this evolution that the Deeluxe Woman and Kids lines were launched.

Deeluxe is a quickly expanding structure that offers trendy and accessible fashion, combining a "vintage spirit" with a "family spirit", reflecting a young and responsive spirit.

The company's headquarters is located in the South of France in Marseille. includes an office of 30 people, as well as sales, marketing and communications services.

In these premises, a 250m² showroom (as well as an annexed showroom in Paris), where we can present the Men's, Women's and Children's collections to our customers, influencers and journalists.

Deeluxe is already well established throughout Europe with more than 1000 points of sale.

The brand is also present in Lebanon, the United Arab Emirates, Canada...